Автор: Alla Stepanets
Размер: 8,5″, единственный экземпляр
Категория: Кролики и зайцы


Margaret is a good-looking rabbit. Was made from viscose (German), eyes is from glass. This rabbit was stuffed with sawdust ,wood wool and with mineral granules.5 cotters. Looking for a good family.
Please keep your new rabbit from water, steamy bathrooms, moisture, etc. to avoid deforming the silk pieces from their intended shape and texture.
All of my designs are one of kind, no two bears are alike. From my heart to your hand.

Стоимость доставки: 25.00 USD
(Нидерланды США)
Цена : 163.00 USD

Условия платежей

Bear will come to you with a passport in the original box.
All my bears are available for layaway.).

Payment 100% Paypal Payments
*Layaway - now 50 % and 50 % during one mounth. Please let me khow)
*Reserve - only during 12 hours!

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All packages are sent via international registered airmail from Kiev, Ukraine.
It includes tracking number (it will be sent in e-mail notification). Each package has delivery confirmation.
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Условия возврата

I do not accept returns.

Отзыв от Lori M.
США , – 16 дек 2019

OMG he took my breath away when I opened the box!!! He is outstanding ❤️ Beautifully made! Such cute clothes!he has! He came with his own passport!

Thank you so much for your feedback! I am very glad that you liked the bear I made! 💝
Alla Stepanets
Отзыв от Olivia G.
Швейцария , – 26 мар 2019

Sweet little one♥️♥️♥️

Alla Stepanets
Отзыв от Olivia G.
Швейцария , – 4 дек 2018

Wonderful little him

Alla Stepanets
Отзыв от Olivia G.
Швейцария , – 28 янв 2019

Wonderful Teddy

Thank you so much dear Olivia!❤️
Alla Stepanets
Отзыв от Olivia G.
Швейцария , – 17 май 2019

Sweet little Teddy

Thank you so much dear Olivia!❤️🌹
Alla Stepanets
Отзыв от Susan A.
США , – 9 авг 2019

The consistent quality of Alla's work is just amazing. I always know I will receive a bear that is beautifully sewn, strongly stuffed so that it has wonderful form, and a super teddy bear presence!! She is a prodigious artist for sure. The color choices are always gorgeous, and great fun! The quality of the clothing she makes is amazing and detailed. Alla creates many characters and personalities, and I love that they sometimes appear to be part of a duo or a group!! I can always make room for one of Alla's bears, and I will always love them!! Bruno is a joyous example!! Every time I look at him I feel happy and admire his round curves, his gentle tonings for character, his posing possibilities, and his carnival style cap and ruffled collar! Thank you so much!!

Thank you so much for your feedback! I am very pleased!🤗
Alla Stepanets

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